Performance Adventures

Music | Dance | Drama

Many opportunities exist throughout North America to give the performance of a lifetime! Whether your group is a Band, Orchestra, Choir, Ensemble, Drum Corps, Drill Team, Spirit Team or Dance Troupe, Adventures America is ready to connect you to the Event, Festival, or Competition that will combine excitement, pride and lasting memories.

For groups looking to include an educational component to their performance, we offer Disney Performing Arts Experience. In both California and Florida, Disney auditions and selects performance groups to perform in front of thousands of Disney guests. In addition to the exhilaration of these performance opportunities, optional Disney workshops provide "inside tips" for enhancing group entertainment skills.

Disney Performing Arts Experience at
Disneyland® and Walt Disney World®

Bands, choirs, orchestras and other performance groups get an emotional high when given the chance to showcase their talent on a Disney Stage.

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Dance Group Adventures

Providing a broad and enriching format for the young dance performer to learn through established studios and prestigious institutions.

Offering programs all across the United States. Including, New York City, New York; Los Angeles, California; San Antonio, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Branson, Missouri and more.

Attend an exclusive workshop in each respective destination and gain a well-rounded understanding of the host city.

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Disney Theatre Workshops

Young actors plunge into the theatrical world where they're exposed to audition skills, improvisational techniques, dazzling costumes and performance exercises to help them shine in show business.

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