Adventures America is a premier travel and event company that schools & youth groups choose to help them celebrate their accomplishments and experience the world.

Adventures America enables schools and youth organizations to commemorate graduation, class promotion, and performance in scholarship, music, dance and education. Adventures America partners with some of the world's leading organizations in entertainment, hospitality and travel to provide events that recognize and celebrate the important stages of America's youth.

Today, Adventures America is setting the standard for travel and event companies. The Walt Disney Travel Company has awarded our company the prestigious "Partners Award" for our contributions to the student travel industry.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your organization.

Our Credentials
  • A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating
  • $1 Million in Consumer Protection
  • $50,000,000 in Professional Liability Insurance (Highest in Travel Industry) 
  • Founding Member of the Student Youth Travel Association (SYTA)
  • Appointed by the International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATA)
  • 35-Year Preferred Partner of California Association of Directors of Activities (CADA)
Top 10 Reasons to Choose Adventures America